Self catering cottage - gite in Foix, French Pyrenees

Our area has very distinct seasons.

Autumn begins in September with daytime temperatures in the 15°C to 25°C range. Whilst cooler in the evenings September/October are beautiful months with superb autumnal colours , clear air for lovely views and of course cheaper prices!

In winter,(November until March) one can expect snow at any time, often with crisp clear blue skies, and cold nights. The winter of 2012/13 saw heavy snowfall in Feb/March, 2014 heavy snowfall in Nov/Dec.,  wonderful for all forms of skiing and winter mountaineering. This winter was very mild upto late Dec. (shorts and teeshirt) since then snow, cold nights and blue skies in the daytime.
Spring comes March/April with wonderful flowers, longer and warmer days.

Summers are traditionally hot, temperatures approaching 30°C/35°C in the valley, cooler up the mountain, with occasional exciting thunderstorms in August.

If you want an immediate assessment of the weather do contact us, we live in changing times - the winter of 2004/5 was the hardest in 30 years,  2007/8 one of the mildest, and 2010 one of the coldest.Global warming has resulted in the winters of 2015/16/17 being very mild.
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